Aoife Mullane, the inspired Irish designer and NCAD textile design graduate behind the signature unique, luxurious fabrics for interior and lifestyle.

Aoife is Wicklow based and ever inspired by her surroundings there. Starting the business at just 25 years of age it has developed and grown with her. Aoife has worked alongside a number of reputable business throughout her career.

Premium fabrics, luxuriously crafted to adorn your space.

Inspired by the Irish coastal landscape, bringing luxury, art and longevity to the fabric of your home and space.


Uniquely designed fabrics stand the test of time in terms of quality and innovation, a statement piece in your space; investing in an aspirational aesthetic.

Irish Designed

Aoife Mullane’s designs are born of and inspired by, her Irish roots and reflective of the Irish coastal landscape. The entire process takes place on Irish soil and can be reflected in every fibre of the fabrics, all made using natural colour palettes and a signature glimmer of Irish charm embedded in luxury.

Hand Created

Designed by hand in Ireland from start to finish; an immersive and creative experience. Designs inspired by the Irish landscape and masterfully converted to adorn your space in style. An authentic, traditional process with a contemporary and unique flair.

Metallic Hand Print

Designed using a traditional, authentic - handmade, artistic process; with a modern edge in the form of metallic foil adorned over beautiful fabrics.

All inspired by designer, Aoife Mullane’s Irish seaside upbringing which shows in the intricacies of the natural palettes and the signature twinkle.

Air of expense

We design in a meaningful way and every fibre of detail is considered when it comes to Aoife Mullane products and projects; we don’t contribute to fast-fashion, we take a step back to slow processes – while remaining forward thinking.

Our quality is evidenced in attention to detail, quality of fabrics and the exclusive nature of the design. Making an Aoife Mullane an investment piece that will spark endless joy.

Bespoke for your Space

Seeking an artful touch of Irish luxe to elevate your space and enhance your working lives?

We do corporate project fit outs – bespoke to site specific projects. Collaborate with us to identify how Aoife Mullane can elevate your space and create touches that modernise, while reflecting and mirroring your brand and vibe. Refurb, rebrand, new space – we can help from concept to end fit out. 

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